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Ilam provinces of Iran is one of the country's west and the mountainous area and located a half-warm. Capital city of Ilam. Ilam province with Iraq from the West, the southern province of Khuzestan, the province and the North East with the neighboring province of Kermanshah.


Water Act established the company in January 1990 by the Islamic Council, Water and Wastewater Company of Ilam in 1991 as an independent company formed and started to work.
Water and Wastewater Company of Ilam province, according to its mission and objectives of the establishment and operation of urban water distribution facilities as well as to collect, transport and waste water treatment is covered by the cities. This evil has tried to coat substrates with and make the necessary structural changes in the engineering, operations, optimize utilization of existing facilities and equipment, mechanized removal activities, training and human resources development as the company's main assets. Establishment of quality management system, and the systematic integration processes, especially in order to facilitate the operational and administrative tasks to increase citizen satisfaction and fundamental change in attitudes, approaches and objectives and to improve productivity and enhance the quality and quantity realize its functional.