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Researche Priorities

Research priorities in 2011:
1 - The instrument studies superconductive quantum interferometry and its application in water and wastewater industry
2- Study on the construction of decentralized treatment plant in Ilam city level for drinking water production, water quality, packaging and justify the economic and social plan
3 - Effects of the desirability of wells and sewage projects outside of Circuit City Ghanavati Elam and to identify existing
4 - Evaluation of energy efficiency solutions in water and wastewater facilities, Ilam
5 - Effect of drought on the physical and chemical parameters of underground sources of drinking water for the city of Ilam
Research priorities for 2010:
1 - Study of biological agents in water purification process of Ilam and offer corrective solutions
2 - review and determine the required flow rate of water overnight in a pilot area of the city of Ilam
3 - explore ways to enhance the quality of drinking water for the city of Ilam
4 - review and evaluate the operation of facilities and equipment at water treatment plant in Ilam