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Work description

1) Department of operation:
This Deputy has a responsibility for Supervisory of utilization of the processes; (Obsolescence, Collection, reservoir, transfer, distribution and embranchments of water, collection and treatment, and hygienic sewage disposal) and the following sub-processes (Storage, Energy management) in the related cities. 
2) Engineering and Developmental Department: 
This Department has a responsibility for The Planning, Studying, and supervision on all technical projects in, procurement Parts, Storage and distribution of water And also wastewater collection and treatment. The most important are:
• Planning And preparing tender documents To development operations procurement resources and Storage and distribution of water in the related cities. 
• Planning And preparing tender documents To collecting elementary Lines And wastewater treatment plant of the related cities. 
• Water procurement resources studies and review Studies on City water distribution network.
• Implementation and monitoring on excavation and equipping the sumps, tubing lines, pumping Stations and urban water distribution networks.
• Studying the Technical feasibility, Economical and environmental for Wastewater projects. 
• Supervising the implementation of collection networks, lines, the construction and equipment for wastewater treatment plant.
• Design and supervision on Buildings, Office Buildings and water storage tanks.
3) Assistant Customer Service and income department:
• Supervising the implementation of Participation in Subsidiary units. Consideration to The offering and the use of advanced techniques related to customer Affairs.
• Of regular visits for customer Affairs in Water and wastewater units, Receipt of income, Control Operation Mode and provide the necessary instructions.
• Create Customer Information Database and to keep it up-to-date and in company operation. 
• Review the operation tariffs and providing analytical reports, and providing necessary suggestions For reforming and reviewing the tariffs.
4) Planning and Human Resources department:
This Deputy is Responsible for budget preparation, Control of the annual budget, Planning and taking operational any hardware and software, Collecting and analysis of statistics and information, Planning and supervision of research projects, and doing the necessary measures regarding the implementation of the quality management systems in the company. This Department also has a Responsibility for manpower planning About Employment, Appointment, and Education and also the affairs related to the respecting people and customers.
5) Finance and Support department:
This department has a Responsibility for equipping and allocation of financial resources. Having regard to the receipts and payments, Supply and provision of materials, Materials and equipment, Warehouses affairs, Personnel affairs staff, Sentences legal issues, Calculation and payment, Treatment-related issues and welfares, Responsible for the legal obligations Contained in the trade laws; Work and direct taxes, Response to the authorities, institutions , regulatory and inspections. 
6) Department of Public Relations and Education:
This Office is the Director of the Public Relations, the Relationship with the people and media, publishing the company news and events to the media, making people aware of the activities and company advancement, advertising, promoting, cultural activities and public education About the customers' correct usage of water and its improved methods of consumption. 
7) Security and confidential affairs office:
This office is Responsible for the protection and physical security of the company.